David Brooks

Managing Director

David has been in the industry for over 30 years and has extensive experience in all facets of the industry. David has a passion to build a modern business that is responsive to the ever-changing retail environment, based on efficiencies, transparency and sustainability.

Mike Ashby-Hall

Operations Director

Mike has been in the industry for a number of years and has a real eye for operational detail. He is dedicated to providing our clients with exemplary service, ensuring that they are clearly communicated throughout the design, production and shipping stages.

Karen Routledge

Sales Director

Karen is new to the industry but joins us after working with Main Contractors for over 17 years. This has provided her with an ability to turn a client’s vision into reality and work within tight budgets and deadlines. She is committed to establishing long term partnerships with our existing and new clients to grow the business and promoting the exciting product range offered by Forming Reality.

Noli He

Head of China Operations

Noli leads our China office and has over 10 years in the industry. He is responsible for our Quality Standards and Quality Control procedures. Noli oversees and audits our factories and ensures that production adheres to timelines and standards.

Anthony Wise

Financial Controller

Anthony oversees all financial matters within the Forming Reality Group and ensures that we have excellent relationships with creditors and debtors.

Maulik Jani

Digital Designer

Maulik is our digital sculptor and mannequin designer with 10 years’ experience in designing, sculpting and 3D printing a wide range of mannequins and pretty much all other props.