We developed a large collection of male, female and junior mannequins, as well as torsos and leg forms. Over 5000 products were delivered to over 40 stores nationwide.


We developed a new collection of male, female and junior mannequins with over 500 items delivered for a UK wide refresh programme. 


We produced a beautiful collection of bespoke fabric busts with dark wooden articulated arms for the Gagliardi concession in Browns of York.

Charles Tyrwhitt – Hoop Mannequin

Using 3D print technology, we developed a bespoke mannequin that was secured to a hoop for use in a worldwide roll-out. Using an interactive interface, the mannequin and hoop could roll across the store window.

Harrods Kids

Delivered to the iconic London store we supplied a collection of junior fabric mannequins with articulated wooden arms in variety of ages

Bicester Village Arms

We supplied over 800 wooden arms with a variety of removable fabric sleeves in a wide selection of colours and finishes.


We developed a unique selection of male & female mannequins with bespoke removable faces, including faces made from fibreglass, wooden and metal wire.

Fenwick Mannequins

We delivered a collection of over 200 beautifully upholstered male & female mixed element mannequins to all Fenwick stores

Disco Ball Mannequin

We developed a bespoke mannequin complete with a ‘Disco Ball’ finish to create an unforgettable and striking display.

Blacks Outdoors

We developed a family of male, female & junior mannequins for a UK wide roll out for 40 stores

Fenwick Accessories

Rolled out to all Fenwick stores, we supplied over 500 fibreglass and fabric heads in varying sizes and fabrics.

Charles Tyrwhitt – Runner

Supplied for an Athletic New Year campaign, this running mannequin was rolled out across the UK to 20 stores

Go Outdoors

Rolled out to over 60 stores across the UK this collection of male and female mannequins was developed to showcase outdoor clothing and footwear.

Tessuti Torsos

These hanging torsos featured a bespoke adjustable pole developed specifically for use in high ceiling stores.


Delivered for the UK wide summer swimwear campaign, we supplied over 700 male and junior trunk forms.

JD Sports

We developed a range of male, female & junior mannequins with the signature JD Sports Head for a roll out to over 80 stores across the UK & Europe.

Harrods Accessories

Showcased in the Knightsbridge store we supplied an array of accessories including fabric heads and arms


We developed a bespoke collection of male, female & junior mannequins