FR Mannequins specialise in bespoke and standard mannequins. Our aim is to simplify and streamline the process of creating bespoke mannequins. Utilising the speed of 3D printing, we provide greater creative flexibility and cut prototype lead times that improve cost efficiencies.


    • Standard Ranges
    • Bespoke Mannequins
    • In-House Digital Design
    • Mannequin renovation
    • Busts and accessories
    • Hand Fabric Finishing
    • Wide range of finishing options available guaranteed to match your requirements including, non-toxic paints, metallics, mirror – Mirror Mannequin
    • Mannequin upcycling scheme
    • Mannequin Hire


Our 3D print service allows us to substantially reduce the cost and lead-time for prototyping bespoke mannequins. Our digital design team will draw and render your mannequin before the prototype is printed in our large-scale 3D printers. The prototype can be easily amended and reprinted prior to mass production.

Association Mannequins are focused on producing exceptionally well-designed mannequins of high quality and detail. The mission at Association Mannequins is to always present collections that have been carefully designed to be both visually pleasing and kinder to the planet.