Cork is a 100% natural material which is both renewable and recyclable. It harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree, which covers the trunk and branches.  The cork oak tree re-grows the outer bark layer and is harvested every 9 years. Over the course of its lifetime, which lasts about 200 years, the bark will be harvested 17-20 times.  It is a perfect for use in POS displays and can give your store environment a truly natural look.


  • Honeycomb structure creates good strength and compressibility
  • Available as rolls or sheets
  • Standard Sheet Size 1000*500mm
  • Standard Sheet Thickness 5-10mm
  • Standard Roll Thickness 1-4mm
  • Standard Roll Width 1250mm
  • Standard Roll length 20-40 metres
  • Lightweight Material
  • Excellent Thermal & Acoustic Properties
  • Ideal for POS Displays and Plinths